Solutions 365

Solution 365

Tools for efficient company growth


The rule of thumb in communication between employees in a company used to be based on the one-on-one principle, but now a new revolutionary way of communicating is emerging, and it’s called “All-in-one”. Solutions 365 is an example of this new trend. It enables your employees to work quickly and efficiently with uninterrupted immediate access to the right information.

Solutions 365 presents a selection of tools for various departments, each with its own specific needs, but all using the same platform together. The employees in all departments now have access to quality information – from marketing to sales, from project management to customer service.

Organise processes and keeps your company documents in order

Solutions 365 can help you organise almost every process in your company – starting with the most basic ones and continuing up to the most complicated processes. We use the SharePoint Online platform to set up tools that will assist you in managing your department or company and will help you to better decide your future. We also help you to organize and provide you proper storage and accessibility for company documents. From now on you will always have all the documents in at your hand.

Enterprise social network – Yammer

Yammer is a private social network that helps you and your company stay on top of it all. Get connected to the right people, share information across teams, and organize around projects so you can go further, faster.

Windows InTune

Windows Intune lets you manage PCs and mobile devices from the cloud, enabling people to use the devices they choose to access applications and data while following corporate policies.

The web-based administration console in Windows Intune provides simplified management of client computers in your organization, including Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, Apple iOS, and Android devices. You can upload and publish software packages, configure and deploy management and security policies, and hardware and software computer inventory without on-premises infrastructure.

You can use Windows Intune on its own for cloud-based management of PCs and mobile devices, or integrate it with System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager to manage your corporate-connected Windows PCs, Macs and Unix/Linux Servers on-premises along with your users’ mobile devices together in a complete, comprehensive management solution using a single administrative console, infrastructure, and reporting system.

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Mini CRM

A tool for simple management and control of sales opportunities. Your employees have instant overview of tasks that need to be completed, the condition of sales opportunities (what has been discussed so far), of all documents regarding the sales opportunity and information on the company and contacts being sold to. The head of sales can have an overview of the condition of the sale and analyse future income. Mini CRM gives you 80% of the professional CRM tool’s philosophy for just 20% of the price.

Mini HelpDesk

A tool that will save your customer care or customer support employees precious time. Mini HelpDesk makes it possible to quickly report a claim, assign support staff to resolve the issue, content, client etc. The support staff can see immediately what to do and when to do it, your HelpDesk employee has an overview of the state of all the claims, and your customers will be even more satisfied because the issues will be resolved faster, the response time of the support staff will be shorter - they will have the feeling of working with true professionals. A customer that shares its issue with you and you resolve it successfully, will buy up to seven times more than a new customer, because they already trust you.

Mini Project Managment

A tool for simple management and control of projects carried out by your employees. The employees now have the option of carrying out projects much faster because the project tasks are organized in a consistent manner, with each employee knowing exactly when to finish a certain task.


Business notifications for all members of the management staff that want a complete overview of their department or company. BusinessWall provides an immediate overview of state of affairs, without any problems. You will get a clear view of indicators that show e.g. your sales figures for the past month, number of running projects, number of currently unresolved issues, how many new customers you gained in a certain period, how many funds are currently available on your bank account. BusinessWall is a totally adaptable tool that can be joined with existing software that you are currently using, and we can also offer you tools that will help you organize processes within your department or company.