Application for planning and organizing work schedules

The OptiWork application is a modern IT tool that significantly simplifies preparation and planning of work schedules. Suitable for companies and organisations wanting to minimize the cost of time consuming and complex organisation of work schedules. It enables quick and easy preparation of schedules by entering the data required for organizing a work schedule (holidays, days off, sick leave, education…), according to selected wishes of the employees (free weekends, equal shift distribution…).

OptiWORK uses the entered data to generate a number of schedules you can use to compare in choose the optimal one. Employee’s work history is taken into account when generating schedules, which provides fair work and shift distribution.

The OptiWORK application is intended for companies:

  • Having problems with organising work shifts,
  • Where employees are dissatisfied with the work schedule,
  • That want to optimise work schedules.

Benefits for an institution or company

  • Better control of work schedules of your employees
  • Faster organisation of schedules – consequently cuts down on work costs
  • Improved employee satisfaction

Benefits for the employees

  • Consideration of individual wishes
  • Simple overview of remaining days off
  • Access to the overview of work schedule via a secure internet interface
  • Fair distribution according to work schedule

Access anytime and anywhere

  • Access the application using a desktop application or a web interface
  • Schedule calculations are performed at a remote location and don’t present an additional burden for your existing IT system

Want to see how OptiWork performs in an actual situation?

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Key benefits of OptiWork

  • Quick and easy work organisation
  • Individual department and employee wishes are taken into consideration
  • Several schedule versions are generated providing a choice for the management staff
  • Excellent comparison of different work schedules – advantages and disadvantages of individual versions
  • Fair distribution by considering employee’s work history – work assignments in previous periods
  • Overview of employee attendance
  • Simple staff substitution – in any kind of absence
  • Quick and simple data printout for salary accounts

Benefits for the person in charge of work schedules

  • Makes quality work scheduling simple and quick
  • Instant overview of employee absence – holidays, sick leave and other types of absence
  • Statistical overview of schedules and completed tasks – individual overview of working hours
  • Simple notification of employees regarding their work plan
  • Simple staff substitution in the event of absent employees or individual requests
  • Easy decision making regarding the suitability of schedules with the help of a simple overview and comparison of advantages of different schedule versions
  • Quick and simple data export to Excell or other predefined form for direct preparation of salary accounts
  • Consideration of individual criteria level significance
  • Adjustable user interface – user defined window distribution and layout for a perfect overview of all necessary data on one screen

Optimizes and prepares a schedule using a genetic algorithm

OptiWork uses a special genetic algorithm to provide:


  • Simultaneous search for multiple solutions of work schedule
  • Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of generated schedules
  • Entry of demands according to individual departments or employees
  • Possibility of including wishes and demands of individual employees
  • Determining the level of importance for individual criteria influencing schedule calculation

High level of adaptability

  • The OptiWork application can be completely adapted to your demands and work processes
  • Predefined basic initialisation of the application allows for an immediate start