Genetic Media Algorithm

Genetic Media Algorithm

The GENETIC MEDIA ALGORITHM application is an intelligent system for tracking and analysing audio streams.

GMA enables gathering and processing audio media streams from any source, both analogue and digital, FM or satellite radio, as well as internet data streams. Tracking audio streams is carried out in real time with almost indefinite storage period and in different levels of quality.

GMA also includes a system with auto-notifications if any errors occur during source reception, in cases of input loss or longer periods of silence. A user-friendly interface makes the GMA system extremely easy to use and the possibilities for transmitting audio streams add to the practicality of the system.

GMA is a complete solution consisting of the following application modules:

  • GMA logger
  • GMA podcaster
  • GMA Archive Streamer
  • GMA Inspector

Radio and TV stations

  • Improved quality of living for the local residents
  • Improved satisfaction of medical service users
  • Reduced work absence due to shorter visits to the doctor
  • More parking space in the vicinity of medical institutions
  • Improved traffic flow in the vicinity of medical institutions

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DVB platforms

Key benefits:


  • Recording and archiving complete broadcasts of audio recordings (with their metadata) in the original format (e.g. in DVB-T) before they leave the station
  • Playlist overview and access to audio recording for selected users on the player timeline
  • Immediate detection of possible errors or audio stream cut-outs
  • Other advantages:
    • Follow and record different audio streams from various sources en masse
    • Reasonably priced
    • Robust and stable
  • Suitable for:
    • Cable TV operators
    • Satellite distributors
    • Radio stations

Research and educational institutions

Key benefits:


  • Enabled access to radio and TV archives of broadcasted content
  • Processing and monitoring audio streams in SML player
  • Add comments and other data to audio archives or parts of the archive
  • Option of exporting processed audio archives

Areas of use

  • Radio and TV stations
  • DVB platforms
  • Agencies monitoring and analysing media sources
  • Research and educational institutions
  • Media clipping agencies (available in the 4.2 version)

Agencies monitoring and analysing media sources

Key benefits:


  • Complete system for monitoring and processing broadcasted content from any source
  • Fair processing and analysis based on actually acquired information

Media clipping agencies (available in the 4.2 version)

Key benefits:


  • Monitor audio sources and add live comments,
  • Option of immediate transfer of audio sources to the client
  • Option of subsequent processing and analysis of received (recorded) audio data
  • Easily prepare reports and analyse acquired data