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About Stroka produkt Albania sh.p.k

Stroka produkt Albania sh.p.k ( is a specialised company providing complete IT support for small and medium companies. It successfully offers maintenance and support many clients by further adding to its own know-how and creativity through cooperation with renowned software developers, such as, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Stirlitz Media, DotNetNUKE; ASPDotNetStoreFront, … The company is based in Tirana and it employs several highly trained business experts.

Working together with its clients, the company has developed strategies for company growth in IT areas; it provides planning, execution, implementation and full maintenance of complete IT systems.

The company is constantly evolving and keeping track with its competition in the market.

Our goal is to become one of the leading provider of complete business ¬information solutions for small, medium sized and larger companies in Albania.

Spa-IT is using international recognition as additional support for its philosophy of a different, non-conventional approach to information technology – “Do IT different”.

Stroka Business Group

SBG – Stroka Business Group is a leading Slovene company providing complete business information solutions for small and medium-sized companies. The company has always had a development orientation and the business experience acquired in the Slovene market was used to expand its business globally. The knowledge and experience acquired through the years was of vital importance in developing niche programmes that are also used to enter the international market.
SBG has business partnerships with renowned global software developers (Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Stirlitz Media, DotNetNUKE; ASPDotNetStoreFront, …) which allows the company to plan, develop, execute, implement and maintain complete information systems.

The past few years have seen a development and breakthrough in providing state-of-the-art IT solutions in the medical field. This led to nomination of the SBG business group in 2012 for ‘Microsoft Development in Public Health Care Partner of the Year’ at the international Microsoft conference in Toronto.

In 2013, the development of the latest line of products and the strategy of introducing cloud services Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft Azure on the Slovene market has earned the SBG business group the eminent title of Microsoft Partner of the Year 2013.

What we Offer: Everything you need for your business.

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Implementation
  • Full maintenance of complete IT systems
  • Complete implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Navison …

“Do IT different“ spa-IT!

Do IT different